voldemortWhen asked to write a blog on the subject of who was my favorite monster, my first thought was to write about Dracula. I love a good story with a blood-sucking vampire as the villain, but the more I thought about the topic I decided I couldn’t let this chance go by without gushing over how much I love to hate J. K. Rowling’s monster, Lord Voldemort.  This creature is so horrific everyone’s afraid to even say his name for fear he might pop out of nowhere and perform the killing curse. There’s nothing worse than a bad guy having the ability to show up unannounced.

In my eyes, Lord Voldemort is the ultimate monster. He’s more than willing to kill anyone who isn’t keen to jump onto his proverbial bandwagon.  From early childhood he had several opportunities to choose a different path than becoming a malicious wizard.  His first chance came when he was extended the invitation to attend Hogwarts.  This school was filled with good teachers and great role models, but instead of learning to use his talents for good, he sought after ways to live forever.  If that meant he had to kill someone to do that then so what? He never possessed a conscience.  There’s nothing inside of him to make him stop and question if he should or shouldn’t hurt or kill someone.  He wanted what he wanted when he wanted it. He never loved anyone. Most villains have someone or something they cherish other than themselves.

Enter in our hero, Harry Potter.  He is a prime example of facing life’s choices and choosing wisely. He didn’t grow up surrounded by love either, but he still loved others deeply.  He grew into a compassionate human being in spite of the odds being stacked against him.  In every great story when the hero comes face to face with tyranny he always has the courage to look the monster in the eyes and is willing to do whatever needs to be done to rid the world of the dreadful creature. While he might be just as afraid as the next guy, he isn’t prepared to give up and let evil win.

In the end, the only way to keep the world safe from Lord Voldemort was to kill him. There was no hope of ever redeeming him.

The Harry Potter books were about good facing evil. Good may sometimes take a beating but in the end it doesn’t just win—it survives and carries on.



author picture Regina PuckettRegina Puckett was born, raised and still resides to this day in Tennessee with her childhood sweetheart and husband. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren. She is the author of sweet romance novels, short tales of horror, inspirational short stories and children’s picture books.

If you want to know about the author and her books please stop by her blog. by Regina Puckett

While Sheriff Wilson has no idea what really transpired the night twelve people were murdered in the old mental hospital during what was supposed to be a simple night of ghost hunting, he was at the scene moments after the lone survivor committed suicide. Now it’s a year later and a group of paranormal investigators want to set up a haunted house and invite the general public in that same abandoned mental hospital. How is he supposed to keep that many people safe from whoever or whatever killed the last group?


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I live and write in NYC. If that isn't scary enough, I write in the genre of horror. All my works can be purchased and enjoyed so don't hold yourself back or anything.
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