Here’s another tease to whet your appetite:



And in the spirit of giving, I’ll post another trailer. If this doesn’t bring back fond memories of steel claws, nightmares and scream queens, I don’t know what will! Think I was up for a month!

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indexHere’s another getting you in the mood trailer. House of the Devil points out an important lesson we’ve learned from horror flicks. This is:

Don’t freakin’ babysit if the people don’t even introduce you to who you’re babysitting! And don’t babysit during an eclipse … or at Halloween! Better yet, don’t babysit at all … ever! Never ever ever!

Please add to this list!

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graveyardThe air is crispy cool and the pumpkins are in the patch, just waiting to be harvested. But you’re still not in the the mood? Blasphemy!

Well, here are a few hints to get you anxious to suit up in your skeleton costume and hit the streets in search of goodies. Yeah, that’s right, just drop those treats in the brown paper bag — or kindle! Here goes:

If this isn’t enough, your blood marrow is already frozen. Time to break out the hot cider and thaw.

When circulation has returned, watch this! It’s the definitive Halloween! One of the best damn movies ever!

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970527_514846458610398_554323258_nYes, with the addition of a fabulous new author, Halloweenpalooza has added zombies to our list of creatures to be given away — in book form, of course!

The story is even worse than the predicted zombie kitty apocalypse! While scores of angry kitties driven by lust for tuna-based products is terrifying, this book will be even better! Want a hint? Okay, but just a teensy-weensy, small one …

And with five days to go, I thought we’d start getting you in the mood. Nothing better than Vincent Price’s evil laugh to get the party started. Them zombies can boogie!

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Halloweenpalooza Broadcast Set to Air!

indexYesterday, the planned interview with Michael Sargent of Turquoise Radio took place!

It will be aired on October 1st at 8PM on Michael’s “Write to be Heard” show. I’m sharing the bill with author Bryan W. Alaspa. He helps me kick off a month-long series of talks with ten other authors participating in our extravaganza. A complete list and schedule will be forthcoming.

I talk about writing, horror, dirty dancing with machetes held high and other topics related to the upcoming holiday. Yes, in high school I headed (or be-headed) the Machete Squad. I do reveal the theme that all our brilliantly insane authors will be blogging about. While I won’t post it and give away the secret, I will say that the subject allows for some pretty awesome insights into what happens when the paranormal taps you on the shoulders and whispers, “Boo!”

So get ready for plenty of goosebumps and chills. I’m chomping at the bit and scarfing down candy corn.

Can’t wait for this party to get started!


944441_111261379077724_591594322_n Michael Sargent’s FB page. Show him some love and check out the rest of his interviews:


482899_531937260180014_1169071200_nTurquoise Radio links to FB and official site are:

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halloween-haunted-houseMy 31 Days of Halloweenpalooza is catching fire! With more authors added to the list, I’m covering all genres of horror, suspense, and downright spooky!

I’m thrilled to announce that the fantastic Michael Sargent of Turquoise Radio is hosting a month-long series of interviews with our array of writers. It kicks off on October 1st. He’ll be interviewing Bryan Alaspa and yours truly, moi! I don’t know about Bryan, but there is no telling what will come out of my mouth since I’m not one to hold back on discussing my most favorite of holidays. Here is Bryan’s author page in case you want to check out all his works:

The rest of the lineup? Well, I will be posting the entire schedule so you won’t miss your favorite, or soon-to-be favorite author! It’s great to discover someone new and what better way than in this setting?

Please check out Michael Sargent also, and give his page a like while you’re at it! Devoting a month to celebrating Halloween is our kind of people so show him some love.

As for me, I’m still trying to count all the copies of books we’re giving away! Clear some room on your bookshelves and get that Kindle ready for some heavy downloading action!

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Halloween Countdown: Ever Wonder What Started This Blog?

In case you’ve ever wondered, THE LEGEND BEGINS  blog was created around a central idea: THE LEGEND OF THINGS ON STICKS. Although it’s branched out into discussing legends in all forms, this was the motivating factor.

backgroundTHE LEGEND OF THINGS ON STICKS is a short story that I wrote for a competition. Held earlier this year, the contest required participants to write an original story about a monster. Although I didn’t win the competition, I did end up loving the scum bag monster I created. Most authors do tend to do that sort of thing, and I was no exception to this rule. I mean, he’s just so endearing once you get to know him.

So this October, I want to share this original story with you and make it part of the Halloween festivities. It’ll be posted for consumption—right along with the candy corn and other treats collected during your yearly trick or tricking tour of the neighborhood. (Do you think your neighbors really believe all that candy is for the kids?) And if that doesn’t get you jazzed, maybe this will:

We are giving away over 50 copies of books during the month of October!

How about that for exciting?

I’ve tried to select authors that run the gamut of what scary means. Consequently, the novels comprise the paranormal, suspense, thrillers, serial killings, ghost tales, vampires, witches, curses, shrunken heads, full-on mindblowing horror and a monster with a penchant for toasted marshmallows.

Time is ticking away and we’re almost there! So carve your pumpkins, ready your costume, and get that spot on the couch cleared off for you to sit a spell and discover some great reads.

Oh, and Things on Sticks says hello.


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