JUNE 3, 1982 … Deep in the woods of Montana, a monster is born.

Caleb Crown takes his son and two grandchildren for a pleasant weekend in the great outdoors, but the camping trip is about to go horribly wrong.

AUGUST 15, 2013 … Five couples travel to the woods of Montana unaware that history is about to repeat itself. Who will survive?

CHARLES TIBALD – About to start college on a football scholarship

HOLLY WILLIAMS – PR specialist. Attending community college.


DEBORAH “DIRTY DEBBIE” FAWKES. No known source of income. Raven hair, blue eyes. sexy as hell. Girlfriend of BAKER

HAROLD “BAKER” STEVENS. Currently in culinary academy. Attended high school with Charles, Holly, Rhonda, Tony and Nina.


RHONDA BERMAN. A hair stylist. Engaged to be married.

TONY ROMEO. Personal trainer/gym rat. Loves mom’s cooking.


NINA GARRETT. Copy writer. Aspiring author and word hound.

ROGER “HUMP” MONTGOMERY. Former bull rider, 24. Injured while riding bull named Loquacious.


MIRABELLE GARCIA. Personal shopper, Aspiring fashion designer.

NATE BALL. Accountant/investment specialist. The only thing he loves more than money is Mirabelle.


background.pngMontana was God’s country. One of the many reasons why Caleb Crown chose to settle here, he popped the last tender bite of fish in his mouth. Resting his empty plate on his lap, he moved his folding chair closer to the blazing fire to aid in fighting off his mild arthritis. So far the weekend spent camping with his son and two grandchildren had been perfect. Getting up at dawn, it hadn’t taken long for the fish to come a’knocking on the Crown family’s door. Listening to the forest’s serenade, he liked communing with kindred spirits since he shared a wild spirit. It was a little too wild if his wife Abigail was to be believed, but he didn’t. He insisted that it only made him unique.

Stay tuned for more …


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